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Open Everyday Except Wednesdays For

Dine-In & Curbside Pickup 11:00am-9:00pm

Market Open At 8am For Local Coffee, Breakfast, Fresh Seafood & More


Product List

- Live Lobster: $6.99/lb.
- Live Jumbo Lobster: $7.99/lb.
- Fresh Picked Lobster Meat: $22.50/8oz.
- Fresh Picked Crab Leg Meat: $13.99/8oz.

- Fresh Picked Crab Body Meat: $25.99/16oz.
- Raw Oysters: $2/ea.

(Bar Harbor Blondes, Taunton Bay, MDI & Weskeag) 
- Steamer Clams: $5.50/lb.

- Hardshell Clams: $5.50/lb.
- Blue Mussels: $4.50/lb

- Haddock Filets: $9.99/lb.

- Salmon Filets: $11.50/lb.

- Halibut Filets: $17.99/lb.
- Colvard & Co. Sausages: $8.99/lb.

(Chorizo, Spicy Fennel, Sesame Sriracha, Old Bay, Maple Sage & Smoked Kielbasa)
- Momo's Cheesecake: $6/slice
(Classic, Lemon Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry & Snickers)
- Nor’Easter T-Shirt: $18
- Nor’Easter Sweatshirt: $36


Our Story

Locally owned, locally loved.

The Nor'Easter Pound & Market is the physical location of the Northeast Lobster Company, founded in 2020 by Ronald Musetti and Adam Fraley. Ronnie and Adam have always been a dynamic pair who push each other to do their best starting 20 years ago before kindergarten, it is a classic story of childhood friendship bringing out the best in two people. Their wide range of interests and skills manifests in their passion for many things including fishing, cooking, boating, skiing, traveling, business, and people. The pair works in unison and draws from experiences they've had together and individually to create and execute ideas greater than either could have separately. The Nor'Easter Pound & Market is just that, a culmination of their efforts to create a local spot loved by many and make a sustainable business based on Mount Desert Island.


Mission Statement

Kindness, sustainability, satisfaction.

At The Nor’Easter our culture of enthusiasm and passion to provide the freshest and tastiest food will be shown by the energy and attention we give to our products and customers. This will not only be apparent in the quality of the final product but also in the pride we take in how we conduct ourselves.

It is our priority to respect ourselves and our customers by following the golden rule, treating others the way we hope to be treated ourselves. The Nor’Easter will aim to be a cornerstone of the community and leave all those it touches with rejuvenated positivity and desire to be their best.



10 Huntington Road, P.O. Box 883, Northeast Harbor, Maine, 04662


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Spring Hours

Open 7 Days A Week


8:00 AM - 9:00 PM


11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Bar Room

11:00 AM - Close!


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